Merletti S.r.l.

The company was born in 1972 as an individual firm by the two founders: Merletti Gianluigi and his wife Narcisa. In 1995 it was  transformed by welcoming in its team their daughter Sabrina and their son Ruggero. 
 Highly developed in precision mechanics, core of its production, the company is today particularly skilled in the aerospace industry, with a wide range of activities, from planning to construction.

 It’s been qualified since 1995 as a UNI-EN ISO 9001 certified operator, and since 2006 as an
UNI- EN 9100 certified operator; it’s also member of AIAD (Italian Federation of Industries for Aerospace, Defence and Security). Endowed with a high-level of technological know-how in every field of the mechanical construction, it offers maximum planning flexibility together with top quality standards.

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9100 Certification

9001 Certification

Merletti S.r.l. -  Via Carducci, 8 - 21010 Arsago Seprio (VA) - Tel. +39 0331 769577
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